Michael Johnson

Bothell High School Class of 1977

Recognized Baseball Coach and Youth Mentor, Well Respected and Impactful International Teacher


Michael Johnson's impressive background in education and sports has made a positive impact on thousands in and out of the classroom. A former Bothell High School baseball player, Johnson has over 33 years coaching baseball. He played for Grand Canyon University, was on the national championship team and is in the Grand Canyon University Baseball Hall of Fame. For 28 years, he was a head baseball coach in Arizona. Johnson is listed in the Queen Creek High School Baseball and Spirits Hall of Fame and coached for the state baseball championship. He coordinated and instructed an Arizona baseball academy for 11 years and ran his own academy for 12 years. Johnson mentored and developed young men not only for a successful baseball career but for a productive adult life, using baseball as a tool to shape their character. Outside of baseball, Johnson has taught science for over 30 years, working with a diverse range of students. During his times in China, the United Arab Emirates and currently in Sudan, he has played an important role in developing students to reach their potential. He is well respected and many teachers seek his guidance on creating classroom and social environments to support students. Johnson helped develop ideas for the USAID project in Ghana on assisting at-risk youth to become more academic and socially responsible through the use of sports. Johnson is a positive and motivational teacher who looks for new and innovative ways to teach and create engaging lessons to meet his students' needs. Johnson goes above and beyond his role as a teacher and a coach to help facilitate the growth of countless young people across the globe.