Mike Dale, Bothell High School Class of 1975

Mayor of Pop Keeney Stadium, 

Dedicated Lifelong Sports Enthusiast, 

Valued Staff Role Model & Mentor


Mike Dale was dubbed the “Mayor of Pop Keeney” by many due to his dedication to the stadium. Leaving the Army in 1975, Dale got a custodial job at Bothell High and spent his 42 year career with the district. Dale has always had a heart for sports and the youth in the community. While a custodian at Canyon Creek Elementary, he played basketball and football with students at lunch. As the district's sports complex specialist, he oversaw scheduling and upkeep for all fields. In 2003-04 Dale received the Commendation Award from Washington State Secondary Athletic Administrators Association for his outstanding work. He and his staff always went the extra mile to provide professional, well-run events. In 2004 & 2012, the Pacific NW Football Officials Association recognized him and his staff with its Host of the Year Award. Dale taught his young staff the value of hard work, how to hustle, show initiative and accountability, making sure those he oversaw were supported. Dale was available to listen, provide council and show that forgiveness and hard work can help overcome struggles. He was known to help out if one of his staff needed a few dollars for gas or food. Dale is always willing to help in the community and as a community member was inducted into the Woodinville High Athletic Hall of Fame in 2013. Dale oversaw the Woodinville High JV softball program its first year and assisted the varsity team for seven years. His commitment contributed to winning the 2017 Washington State 4A Softball championship. Over his decades of service to the district and community, Dale has had a positive influence on athletes, his staff and athletic programs