David Jones

Northshore School District Staff, 33 Years

Beloved High School Counselor, Inspirational & Innovative Administrator, Admired Leader and Mentor


Dave Jones dedicated his 33-year career to the Northshore School District. He loved everything about education and put his heart and soul into each job. Jones started in 1964 as a teacher and coach at Kenmore Junior High. Beginning in 1969, he was a teacher, counselor and coach at Bothell High. Jones was a counselor at Inglemoor High starting in 1971, and vice principal from 1977 to 1983. As a counselor, he was an empathetic listener who sought to build self-esteem, instill confidence, help students find their strengths and support them in building a bright future. When Woodinville High School opened in 1983, Jones was the first vice principal and then principal from 1987 to 1997. Jones set the school's foundation of “Care, Respect and Leadership,” which still remains its motto. He was well respected for supporting faculty members wanting to try new curricular approaches to teaching. His visionary thinking led to the creation of programs such as the Advanced Placement Program for academically talented students at the school. Jones treated teachers as professionals, expecting them to do their best for students. Students and parents were included as partners in planning and decision making. He was generous in mentoring junior colleagues. Jones had the ability to focus completely on the individual at the center of any interaction and did so with intelligence, compassion and humor. Once retired, he was part of the state's mentorship program, helping tutor principals beginning their careers. Jones passed away in 2021 and leaves behind an educational legacy with positive impacts on individuals and the educational system in Northshore School District.