Nomination Process

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For former graduates of Northshore schools, the selection criteria for the Wall of Honor centers around recognizing, honoring, and memorializing those individuals who built upon the educational foundation they received here to make unique and lasting contributions in their adult lives.  These contributions may take many forms, but what is common are that the contributions and achievements serve as a source of inspiration and service to others; that they have enriched communities and enhanced lives at the local, state, or national levels; and may have even had a global impact.   The categories of accomplishments are likely limitless, but what is important is that individually and collectively, the accomplishments stand the test of time.  

Northshore staff or volunteers acknowledged on the Wall of Honor are those who left a lasting and far reaching imprint on students or programs that are felt long after they have moved on from their district service.  These are individuals who truly shaped the culture and built the excellence that we know and appreciate across our district. The Inductees serve as examples for all of our students of the power they have to lead an extraordinary life and to make a true and lasting difference in the lives of other. 

 We are so fortunate in Northshore to have the Wall of Honor as one more reminder of the shared experiences and common excellence that have endured across our district since the first 9 students entered the small school started by Susan Woodin in 1878.