Student Scholarship

The Wall of Honor Community Service/Humanitarian Scholarship is awarded annually to a Northshore Student who demonstrates a commitment for serving the community through humanitarian and community service effort, and who exhibits leadership qualities that inspire others.

Scholarship Recipients

2023- Shreya Shoji, Northcreek High School

2022- George Igebretsen, Woodinville High School

2022 - Joseph Riggio - Bothell High School

2021 - Michelle Ran, Bothell High School

2020 - Thomas Monahan, Bothell High School

2019 - Ari Wilson, Bothell High School

2018 - Nolan Hendrickson, Bothell High School

2017 - Megan DiDomizio, Woodinville High School

2016 - Kelcie Urstad, Woodinville High School

2015 - Brendan Rigby, Inglemoor High School

2014 - Chandler Olsen, Inglemoor High School